Kristin Sokoloff is a leadership Coach and Trainer with 20 years experience in leading teams to deliver excellence within Corporate Banking. Co-Host of a highly acclaimed Podcast, The Dirtyside of Leadership, with Author, Ron Ward.

Campaign Manager for a Washington State Senator in the 2022 midterm elections and Moderator for the Oregon Gubernatorial 2022 midterm election debate.

Host of a National talk show discussing current events, policy, health and leadership with highly accredited guests.

Former regional competitive gymnast medaling in Vault and Floor Exercise.
Pacific Northwest Enthusiast who spends weekends hiking with the family.


Kristin is a leadership coach, corporate trainer, consultant, facilitator, and speaker. She works one-on-one with clients at a variety of different organizations to help them maximize their potential and obtain the freedom to live richly by their own standards. Her passion is using the power of coaching and speaking to redefine clarity, commitment, and conviction for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Kristin specializes in teaching how to build rapport with purpose in business and personal facets. She instructs on properly identifying and labeling existing relationships and thus effectively applying them. Understanding that each relationship serves a distinct purpose allows for optimal expectations and outcomes.

Where Leadership Meets Entertainment! This weekly podcast takes both a humorous and raw look at leadership through impactful stories, answers to listener questions, and breakdowns of dirty lessons from Ron’s best selling book, “The Dirty Side of Leadership”.